Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to Install White Kernel 1.3.3 On Galaxy Y

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How to Install White Kernel 1.3.3 On Galaxy Y

Hi Guys  Presenting an Instruction On how to Flash Custom White 1.3.3 kernel To Galaxy Y .Shared by Xda Member WhiteXp.

Instructions to install Kernel :-

o First you have to download all the files from the given link 

o Then Extract It

o Inside there will Be Odin & White 1.3.3

o Don't extract white 1.3.3

o Then Turn off Galaxy Y & Go into Download Mode of Galaxy Y by Pressing Volume down+home button+power button together simultaneously

o Then The warning screen will appper there will be written volume up to continue

o Then Press voume up

o Then Connect the Galaxy Y to computer Via USB cable Then Open Odin

o See The Yellow Box in Left Side written [Com=06]

o The Yellow Box is Proof That Ur Mobile Is Connected To Your Pc

o Then Choose P.D.A Then Click On P.D.A Then Choose White 1.3.3

o Then Press Start I will About Take 1 to 2 Minutes

o When We Have Done There will be written PASS

o We have successfully Installed White 1.3.3 Kernel To Our Galaxy Y



My wifi does not work after applying this kernal, it works on stock and on Axion but not this. :(

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