Sunday, 7 April 2013

[Game] Subway Surfers for Galaxy Y [VERY SMOOTH!]

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[Game] Subway Surfers for Galaxy Y [VERY SMOOTH!] 


Hi guys presenting  A very addictive game Subway Surfer for Samsung Galaxy Y Shared by XDA member Drago9oiD. there are so many ArmV6 versions of subway surfer available for galaxy Y but those are very laggy .So here is the new modded subway surfer Version 1.6.0 for galaxy Y.

 Drago9oiD Claims that he resized the splash screen for ldpi Screen (our Galaxy Y's) Now the game will run on galaxy Y Without lag [very smooth] u can play it without use of cf3d or without any additional tweaks.

Download Game :Click Here

Install apk and Play.



can anyone make vector game lagless.....laggy even after using seeder

How to update subway surfer world tour in sydney pls.


Sorry u cant update subway
surfers coz it does not support
galaxy y officially

works!!! I love you man!!!!

its working very well on my galaxy y duos no lag

its working well on my galaxy y duos no lags
thanks man:-)

trust me, its work :)
thanks bro

thank u very much for thesse awsome things keep it up

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

working like charm ty bro..

Plz its saying thats its failed

Plz its says that its failed

Link is not working. Please fix the link .

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